swingers in new york

Sep 15, 2009

... They havent all been shut down-heres where to go for a kinky-good time. Adult Socials The whole fetching-a-pail-of-water thing got a little...Feb 3, 2010 .

.. It can be tough these days, in New York City, to know where to find ... that hold erotic parties for swingers and sexually adventurous types: to ...Aug 3, 2012

... Last week, a swingers club in New York City got in touch with me óno, not to invite me to join, but to get an advance peek at footage they took ...This is a party for Sexy Swinger Couples and Unicorns to come out, meet, greet, and ..

. It is the HOTTEST On-premise Swinger playground in all of NEW YORK!Platos Retreat was a swingers club in New York City, owned first by Larry Levenson, and later by Fred J. Lincoln, that catered to heterosexual couples and  ...Nov 1, 2011 ... This is the complete New York Swingers Clubs Locations

. swingers/clubs/new_York enjoy NY Swingers videos and ...New York Adult Clubs and Online Swinger Sites for Couples with Links, E-Mails, Phones and Addresses.The NY NJ Swingers Connection was created for couples and Bi-females who are interested in meeting others in the NY, NJ, CT and PA areas.The only On-Premise Swingers Lifestyle club in Long Island featuring Live Girls, XXX Internet Cafe and Private Rooms.Nasca International - Swingers. Home · Clubs · USA · Canada ...
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